Build Pipelines as Code

Abandon your build servers, build your own! With LambdaCD you develop build pipelines just like your applications: In code, in version control, with tests and refactorings

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A toolbox to build your own build server

LambdaCD is a toolbox to enable you to build your own buildserver. It's got you covered, whether you need ten simple builds or one hugely complex delivery pipeline.

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or just run

          $ lein new lambdacd my-first-pipeline


In Code

You define your build pipeline in Clojure Code, with all the tools and libraries you are used to

In Version Control

Your build pipeline is easily stored in version control, you can branch, revert, rebase or annotate as much as you want


Share pieces of your pipeline with others, pull our libraries with ease


You have more than one pipeline? Set up one parameterized pipeline and instantiate multiple pipelines from it


;; buildsteps
(def some-repo "")

(defn wait-for-repo [_ ctx]
  (git/wait-for-git ctx some-repo "master"))

(defn with-repo [& steps]
  (git/with-git some-repo steps))

(defn run-tests [{cwd :cwd} ctx]
  (shell/bash ctx cwd
    "lein test"))

(defn compile-and-deploy [{cwd :cwd} ctx]
  (shell/bash ctx cwd

;; the pipeline
(def pipeline

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