This namespace contains functions to convert the current internal state of a pipeline and it’s structure into a form that’s easier to handle. Unifies the information from lambdacd.presentation.pipeline-state and lambdacd.presentation.pipeline-structure. Used for example to be able to display a pipeline and it’s current state in a UI.


(pipeline-structure-with-step-results pipeline-structure step-results)

Merges a pipeline structure with the step results for steps in the structure.


> (let [pipeline-structure (state/get-pipeline-structure ctx build-number)
        step-results       (state/get-step-results ctx build-number)]
    (unified/pipeline-structure-with-step-results pipeline-structure step-results))
[{:name             "in-parallel"
  :type             :parallel
  :step-id          '(1)
  :has-dependencies false
  :result           {:status :running}
                    [{:name             "do-stuff"
                      :type             :step
                      :step-id          '(1 1)
                      :has-dependencies false
                      :children         []
                      :result           {:status :failure
                                         :out    "do stuff failed"}}]}
                     {:name             "do-other-stuff"
                       :type             :step
                       :step-id          '(2 1)
                       :has-dependencies false
                       :children         []
                       :result           {:status :running
                                          :some-key :some-value}}]}]}]


deprecated in 0.13.1

(unified-presentation pipeline-def step-results)

Deprecated and unused. Use pipeline-structure-with-step-results instead.